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Technology Philosophy

The technology department believes that technology is a means, not an end. Learning in and out of the classroom should be accomplished through best practices. When learning Chumash, students should prefer to start by reading from a Chumash rather than electronically, even if I might go to online resources later and examine various translations and commentaries that are available. Even project based learning should not always be technology based. Students should know how to navigate a blat of Gemara, do math problems using a pencil and paper (and in their heads), and read authentic texts for language arts and social studies without ever opening their devices.

Classroom Technology

Our Regio-Emillia inspired Early Childhood focuses on play. Students do not regularly interact with technology outside of specific use cases. Teachers utilize technology to keep parents informed and may use technology resources to augment play in classrooms.

Each classroom in the Lower School is equipped with 1:1 Chromebooks that students can use in class. Unless remote learning is in effect, these devices do not travel home. We want students to spend time outside and playing rather than in front of screens.

Every Middle School student is required to furnish a Chromebook for use during and after school. Our classes are fully Google Classroom integrated and students will regularly receive announcements and assignments through the platform. Students use their Chromebooks to work collaboratively on assignments as part of our Project Based Learning approach. We employ industry standard filtering software to keep students safe and on task.

High School students are required to have a Windows, Macintosh or Chromebook laptop. These laptops are used extensively in and out of class in addition to extracurricular activities such as Palette and Yearbook.

Students in High School Maker Space

AJA Maker Space

The Atlanta Jewish Academy Maker Space is the center of new and emerging technologies on our school's campus, and a leader in educating AJA students, faculty and staff on how to explore, and develop their creative, and problem solving skills, in a collaborative and innovative environment. 

The AJA Makerspace fosters innovation, ingenuity, and creativity through the exploration of new, and emerging technologies in an inclusive and collaborative environment. The AJA Makerspace is a place where formal and informal learning comes together to provide users with hands on experiences that help them refine their ideas, be more engaged with problem solving, and develop leadership skills, such as ingenuity, adaptability, collaboration, and persistence. 

Check out the AJA Maker Space Website