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Student Publications

Middle School


From news, features and Torah to sports, arts and fun, Jigsaw is the Middle School student-run publication where contributors share a creative voice, writing about what's happening in their school and their world.

Morning Announcements

Every week, with the guidance of Mrs. Lefkoff, a group of 8th grade student ambassadors write a morning announcement script outlining upcoming school events. In that script, they also include quotes and jokes of the week, and other fun tidbits, to make the announcements unique. Then, with Breit's assistance and guidance, students film and edit the announcement video.  Through this, students learn how to have a video presence, write for their audience, and edit using Adobe Premiere Pro.  Overall, this also helps to reinforce school community. 

High School


The Palette is AJA's high school magazine.  AJA high school students write, edit, design each issue to report on recent school events and issues.  Palette is dedicated to reporting on the stories that matter to the High School community and the Atlanta Jewish community more broadly. Palette is a reflection of the values of the students of AJA High School. Students learn journalism skills along with the collaboration required to produce a 35+ page magazine with four to five issues each school year.


The AJA yearbook is designed and produced by the AJA High School student yearbook team: They work throughout the year to develop a memorable and engaging ECD-12th grade yearbook annually.

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