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Student Life

At AJA, students learn in an environment that focuses on their holistic development —  social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual. By fostering each of their individual strengths, meeting their unique needs, and emphasizing a culture of kindness, our students can embrace their natural curiosity, explore their Jewish identity, and grow. The Atlanta Jewish Academy acts as a support system for students to discover their individual passions in order for them to become skillful in their academic studies, technology, athletics and the arts. 

The Atlanta Jewish Academy places a great importance on giving our students countless opportunities to explore their passions! At AJA, students can play their favorite sport, perform on stage, or explore their artistic abilities. In addition, our students can be found participating in community service projects, student organizations, and educational field trips. Students at AJA play a huge role in developing their extra and co-curricular activities. We want students to have the freedom to start projects, explore, learn and ultimately feel as though they can be a leader inside and outside the Jewish community.