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About Jodie

Jodie was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended University of Georgia for her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood
Education and then Georgia State University for her Master’s degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education. Jodie has been privileged enough to teach in a variety of different school settings of public, charter and private schools, including a small Jewish Day School, where she was trained in many new and innovative teaching strategies and programs. Recently, she has been fortunate to have been part of a STEM accredited school which taught project-based and problem-based practices while emphasizing the individual needs of each student, and expecting students to be in charge of their own learning creating high quality work.

She has received educational endorsements in Special Education, English as a Second Language and Reading Practices K-12. Jodie has served as a Reading Coach for Grades K-5, Math Teacher for Grades 1 - 6 and mentored teachers in using effective teaching practices. She has a variety of expertise and experience working with high achieving students on challenging curriculum goals. Jodie shared with us: “My teaching philosophy is simple - Treat each student like a unique flower in a garden tending to the specific needs of each flower, allowing for individual growth, while adhering to the needs of the entire garden. This will create amazing blooming flowers in a beautifully cohesive garden”.