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High School Cause Fair 2020

What is the Cause Fair?
The Cause Fair provides AJA High School students the opportunity to raise public awareness of the critical social issues we face today. AJA’s British Literature students have spent the past two months researching philanthropic causes and preparing presentations to share their concerns with the public and propose solutions. 
Due to COVID-19 and the transition to remote learning, not all students were able to give their presentations to an audience. The students worked very hard on these presentations so we are bringing them to you! Watch their videos, vote for your favorite and leave your comments on the form at the bottom of the page!
Gefen Beldie - "Hustle Culture: When Will We Learn to Shut Off?"
Katherine Cranman - “The A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s of Standardized Testing”
Doni Chasen: "Commit to be Fit: The Benefits of Staying Active"
Noah Chen - "Climate Change: Fact or Fairytale? Searching for Reliable Information in an Unreliable Age" 
Miriam Frances - “Prevent Before Attempt: The Rise of Teen Suicide”
Ryan Helland - "We Owe Them: The Problem Plaguing American Veterans"
Matthew Kaplan - "Killing the Pain Pill: The End of the Opioid Crisis"
Kira Mermelstein - “Fact or Faked: The Fake News Epidemic in the Media” 
Matthew Minsk - "Worthless Degrees For All: The Student Loan Crisis"
Shayna Shapiro - “Personalize Your Public Schools: How The American Education System Can Accommodate Every Student”
Simmy Wilson - “Injustice In Justice: The Mistreatment Towards US Prisoners”