High School » ACT vs. SAT - Which Test is Best for You?

ACT vs. SAT - Which Test is Best for You?

Which test should I take?
What are differences between the SAT and ACT? 
Our AJA College Counselor, Mieca Levy advises that students take both a full practice ACT and SAT once each to see which you prefer. Most test prep companies periodically offer practice tests, including Applerouth and Edison Prep. Here’s a great blog post about the differences
Here are some key differences between the SAT and ACT: 

  • SAT
    • 2 main sections (Evidence-based Reading and Writing/EBRW and Math) 
    • Algebra based
    • Math portion has a greater impact on the overall score   
    • Some science questions - not a full section
    • Writing section offered

  • ACT
    • 4 sections (English, Reading, Math, Science)
    • Geometry
    • Some Trigonometry
    • Full Science section
    • Writing Section offered

  • SAT is scored out of 1600 (800 for each section)
  • ACT is scored out of 36


Check College Board and ACT for updated registration dates. Register at least 4-6 weeks before the test date.