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Grade Point Averages (GPA)
How does GPA work?
AJA calculates a cumulative weighted GPA beginning in 9th grade and ending after 11th grade. Honors classes receive a 0.5 weight and AP classes receive a 1.0 weight in the calculation. With that much said, many colleges recalculate the GPA, using only core academic classes (such as math, science, English, Hebrew, social students-- quite a few colleges include Judaics as core)

What colleges count Judaics in the GPA recalculation?
This is not at all complete but some of the more popular schools with our students that do count Judaics in the GPA are: Brandeis, Emory, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, Muhlenberg
Standardized Testing:
Do colleges prefer the SAT or ACT?
No. All colleges accept the SAT and ACT equally.
How often should I take the tests?
Most students should test 2-3 times between junior and senior year (fall test dates senior year are available).

What is super-scoring?

Most colleges super score the SAT (taking the high EBRW and Math sections from each date and making a new overall score); many also super-score the ACT. Check the website of each school for their specific policy.

What is ACT section-testing?

Starting in 2020 or 2021, the ACT will allow students to retake individual sections of the ACT on a specific date; however, it is important to check whether a particular college will use individual sections to “super-score”.

When do I send scores to colleges?
You will not send your scores to the colleges until the fall of senior year; I can help guide you as to which scores to send. More and more colleges are allowing students to “self-report” scores on the applications so you don’t have to pay to send the scores from the College Board and ACT.