High School » Juniors


  • Challenge yourself with the most rigorous courses you can manage, whether Advanced Placement, honors, AP/college-level or Dual Enrollment courses if you are recommended for them.
  • Remember that you will need 1 or 2 teacher letters of recommendation for college, preferably from Junior year core academic subjects. Keep this in mind as you form relationships with your teachers - show your best work ethic and interest. You will ask your teachers for letters in the spring.
  • Plan meaningful summer activities.
  • Stay involved in activities and assume leadership positions. Genuine involvement in one activity is better than token participation in several.
  • If you are planning on participating in college athletics, meet with your counselor to learn more about the NCAA Eligibility process.

  • Attend Junior college counseling programs hosted by the college counseling department, including the spring 11th Grade College and Israel Guidance Night.
  • Attend college visits at AJA and local college fairs.
  • Meet with Ms. Levy to discuss questions you have.
  • Complete the Junior College Counseling survey and schedule your Junior College Counseling conference with Ms. Levy for after winter break.
  • Continue making visits to campuses, especially to those that track “demonstrated interest” and those to which you may consider applying Early Decision.
  • Consider attending Shabbatons if offered - these are excellent opportunities to really explore Jewish life on campus!
  • Attend your Junior College Counseling conference with Ms. Levy and your parents. During this comprehensive meeting, you will learn about how and when to apply to college; make a standardized testing plan; financial aid and scholarships; select the most rigorous course load that you can carry successfully. Colleges want to know that you continue to challenge yourself Senior year too!
  • With Mrs. Levy, you will make a preliminary college list based upon criteria that are important to you (i.e., academic program, the major you are seeking - location, active Jewish life, size, cost). Request information from these colleges and/or visit their website.
Standardized Testing
  • At school, take the PSAT/NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test).
  • Begin test prep for your SAT/ACT either with a test prep company, on your own through Khan Academy and practice guides, or with an individual tutor.
  • Register to take the ACT or SAT.
  • Most Juniors will wait until the second half of 11th Grade to take the ACT and/or SAT. This is a personal choice and should be determined based on the student’s level of preparedness.
  • Plan to take SAT subject tests in the spring, if needed.