High School » Sophomores


10th Grade is the time to challenge yourself with your schedule, perhaps adding an Honors or AP course if you are recommended/able to do so, while continuing to have as strong grades as possible. Meet with Ms. Levy in the spring to plan your Junior year course schedule and evaluate your extracurricular activities with your college goals in mind.
Direct your focus toward activities that you really enjoy and are passionate about. Take on leadership roles in your extra-curricular activities whenever possible and keep a record of your activities.
Continue visiting colleges locally, or if you are nearby on vacation, so that you can continue to form opinions about the types of colleges you may be interested in attending.
Standardized Testing
As a Sophomore at AJA, you will have the opportunity to take the PreACT exam in the fall. Colleges will never see this; it is simply a great opportunity to practice another standardized test so that you have a better sense of your skills and preferences when it is time to take the SAT and ACT Junior year.