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AJA Upper School

Our talented faculty engage our students in vibrant Judaic and General Studies courses. We emphasize 21st Century skills and standards-based curriculum that engages each learner through challenging activities and assessments designed to help students develop their skills.

As a community of learners, our staff is engaged in ongoing professional development to stay apprised of current research and trends in education, to enhance the student’s’ academic experience through best practices, and to model the dynamic process of learning.
We understand that adolescent growth involves four areas: intellectual, social-emotional, physical, and religious‐spiritual. To nurture the well‐rounded student, the school promotes participation in sports, fine arts, and service learning in addition to academic excellence. Our supportive environment offers many opportunities for students to establish their own identities,in the Jewish community and in the world.

Upper School students have opportunities to cultivate leadership skills by leading Upper School initiatives and by working with younger AJA students throughout the year. By cultivating a mindset dedicated to growth, resilience, and well being, AJA Upper School students are well-prepared for the opportunities and challenges of post-high school life.