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Physical Education

We believe that athletics enrich every student’s school experience, and traditionally, 85% of our student body plays on a Jaguar team throughout the school year. Our athletics program is an extension of the classroom, and:

  • teaches students how to balance their academic, social, spiritual, and emotional lives
  • demonstrates what can be accomplished by collaboration and cooperation
  • develops a strong work ethic
  • teaches the importance of commitment and follow-through
  • gives students a sense of belonging to something larger than themselves
  • prepares students to encounter competition in school and in later life
  • develops an ethical culture of sportsmanship and fair play
  • gives students a feeling of accomplishment
  • develops leadership skills in players and in our student captains

Our desire is for every one of our students to feel a sense of pride in representing the Jaguars with the character and ethical values taught in AJA’s athletics program. AJA players are recognized for their high standards, kindness, and fair play—menschlichkeit—on fields, mats, and courts across the state of Georgia and throughout the United States.

PEIntroducing Coach Paul: Paul Fineman is going to be the new PE teacher for the lower school, along with coaching middle school soccer and high school wrestling.  Coming from a PE and SPED background, Mr. Fineman is eager to incorporate his passion for sports and the concept of teamwork with every student of AJA.  Mr. Fineman specialty is making a connection with every student (even the most skeptical ones) and showing them how much fun PE can be, regardless of your past experience! When Mr. Fineman is not at AJA, he enjoys playing on his men's ice hockey team, traveling to explore other cultures and cuisine (pre covid), and supporting his home team by being the most obnoxious Boston sports fan that you will find.  His door is always open and looks forward to meeting the AJA community.