Did Someone Say POKER?

November 1
Zoom @ 7, Game @ 7:30

It's Easy.

1- Register below and pay your $150 entry fee.
2 - Download the software and set up an account at https://www.pokerstars.bet/
3 - Open the main poker lobby, click on the Home Games tab, click 'Join a Poker Club' 
4 - Enter Club ID number: 3224291 and Invitation Code: AJAPoker
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Siegel and Central Insurance

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The Prager Group

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Cranman Legal & IP Services

We have options ranging from $500 - $5,000! Email Susan Moray for details.
Prizes (First place winner will get first pick of the prizes and we will reward the top 10%):
  • 1st Place / $300 Gift card
  • 2nd Place / $250 Gift card
  • 3rd Place / $100 Gift card
  • Amazon gift cards and more
  • Entry into 2021 Jerry Siegel Golf Tournament