Club Kef

Club Kef is an after school program offering semester long classes or
same day sign-ups for students one year old - 8th Grade.
Club Kef runs every day there is a full day of school (Monday - Thursday).
Late Pickup is available from 3:30 - 4:15 pm.
Please note, vendor programs are changing to $23 starting in the Fall.
Based on enrollment, there will be no Club Kef on Fridays for the 2019/2020 school year.
  • 3:35 - 4:00 pm / Snack Time & Homework
    Nutritious snacks are provided each day, such as carrots, hummus, veggie stix, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables. There will be a teacher on-duty assisting students with their homework.

  • 4:00 - 4:45 pm / Class Time
    Select a semester-long class or sign-up for Club Kef Hang-Out.

  • 5:00 - 5:30 pm / Free Play, Homework & Pick-Up Time
    During this time, students will have the opportunity to complete their homework. If they do not have homework, there are multiple activities to choose from such as crafts, cards, board games, or time on the playground. Parents can pick-up their children from the Imagination Playground or the Glass Commons anytime between 5:00 - 5:30 pm.



2&3's: JumpStart 
Prek-K: JumpStart, Makers Club Science 
Grades: Makers Club Science 
2&3's:  Soccer Shots 
Prek-K: Soccer Shots
Grades: Hangout
2&3's: Art 
Prek-K: Brain Games or Art 
Grades: Brain Games or Art 
2&3's: Art 
Prek-K: Art or Chess 
Grades 1-8: Art or Chess



Brain Games
Brain Games with Will Kenyon will introduce your child to a new world of games (that are not on a screen!). They will learn to improve their cognitive development, problem-solving skills, pattern recognition, planning, and reasoning. They also learn social interaction, sportsmanship, and how to follow rules and rule sets.


Damir Studen is a national chess master and will introduce your child to the dynamic world of chess. Learning chess at this formative young age has been proven to increase children's problem solving, cognitive, concentration, lateral thinking and creativity among numerous other skills.


Dance from Around the World

Dance from around the world is a platform for kids to learn about dance as a representation of art and culture. This format covers about 5-7 dances from across the globe such as dances for South America, Asia, Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Music and props are used to explore the various dance forms.



JumpStart gym, explores independence, building confidence and self-awareness through special “by myself” activities. Activities include basic gymnastics skills on the balance beam (kick, tumbling,  dip, and hop), bars (open/close, chin up, front support). To learn more, go to


Mixed Media Art 

In each class, students create elements to use towards 3-D art projects: a 3-D Art Canvas Paintings and a 3-D hand made paper. Students incorporate multi-mediums including painting with acrylics, sculpting miniature food and candy with polymer clay, pastel drawings, photo of a favorite pet, watercolor paintings and collages


Nexplore Makers Club:

Nexplore Makers Club, is an engineering program designed to inspire kids to pursue future in science & technology. Students interact with fun Maker Kits that enhance mechanical, artistic, and engineering skills while encouraging them to act as inventors in their own right. Participants design their own hydraulic claws, learn to harness energy to power race cars and experiment with structural design. Plus, students can keep their inventions and proudly share their projects with family and friends. Nexplore Makers Club is fully aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, and reminds kids to always explore, experiment, and create!

To learn more,go to:


Soccer Shots  

Soccer Shots, is a soccer program that focuses on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction. Children will also be introduced to competition in a developmentally appropriate manner. To learn more, go to


There will be a bus at 5:15 pm going to Toco Hills. If you are interested in signing up, contact Alexa Kesler (