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Early Childhood

Early Childhood Banner - Students on play equipment

Infants - Kindergarten

Our Early Childhood Department lays the foundation for our students on the first steps of their Jewish journeys. We live by and teach the Reggio-Emilia approach which is based on listening rather than talking, and the idea that adults can also learn from children.  

We Believe… 

  • Children are capable, curious and strong. This is akin to the Jewish understanding of each individual as created in G-d’s image, endowed with divine potential. 

  • Environment is the third teacher. Every element of the classroom environment has been deliberately considered for its potential in developing mindfulness, which is a Jewish ideal nurtured through our laws and rituals.

  • Documentation provides a window into children’s learning. Each child’s learning process and development is documented so that we can partner with families in reflection and dialogue to strengthen the learning environment. 

  • The teacher’s role is to learn along with the children. In Reggio-Emilia children are not seen as just vessels waiting to be filled by the teacher's knowledge. The child and teacher are considered to be co-researches working together to construct knowledge.

  • There are 100 languages of exploration and expression. Our educators are committed to seeking out and utilizing all languages of expression, which speaks to the Jewish value of teaching “each child in his/her own way.” 

Early Childhood Girls Playing

What You Will See in Our ECD Classrooms:

  • A buzz of activity, as children learn and explore while engaging their five senses
  • Children building independence with toys, supplies and art activities that are accessible at their height
  • Toys, games and books that reflect our traditions and values
    Children engaging in problem-solving and building social-emotional and academic skills
  • The natural environment serving as an outdoor classroom with a playground and beautiful butterfly garden for young ones to explore while enjoying the fresh air
  • Children making choices about where and how they learn
  • Personalized Education/Differentiation as everyone is strong in different areas