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The AJA Philosophy

We are a diverse and welcoming Jewish day school guided by Modern Orthodox values. We offer all of our students a nurturing, stimulating, intellectually-open and accommodating environment that is within the bounds of Modern Orthodox Halakhic thought. Our students come from varied backgrounds and all levels of Judaic observance. Our programs, which start at Early Childhood (ECD) and go through Lower School, Middle School and High School are designed to inspire academic excellence and spiritual growth. 

As a Modern Orthodox school, we believe in…

  • Torah u’Maddah - Learning secular studies together with Torah to give us a fuller view of Hashem and the world He created
  • Zionism - There is religious significance not only in the Land of Israel but in the modern State of Israel
  • Jewish Unity - We can find commonality with all Jewish people, regardless of affiliation, and seek to promote communal unity
  • Equal Education - Regardless of gender, all students should be given equal opportunities. 
  • Holistic Learning - It is important to focus on the whole child which includes the spiritual as well as the intellectual, emotional, and emotional self.

What You Will See in Our School:

  • A love of Judaism, Israel and Hebrew language with Israeli teachers in all divisions
  • A commitment to academic excellence and support for various learning needs and differences 
  • A close-knit community, Jaguar pride and spirit of volunteerism
  • Attention to mental wellness through mindfulness practices, Stress-free Zone and available counselors  
  • A safe and secure learning environment 
  • Ongoing professional development for faculty and staff
  • A focus on spirituality, openness and attention to contemporary issues and the broader Jewish community


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