Leadership Council

Leadership Council at AJA is a joint student, faculty and administrative measure that seeks to provide the 8th grade class with leadership opportunities and skills. Anna Lefkoff and Monica Flamini mentor the council, that consists of 12 executive council members and a general 8th grade council.

Every student in the 8th grade participates in the council on some level, from running the School Store, to planning school-wide service events, anti-bullying curriculum, Middle School chag celebrations and charity fundraisers.

The Leadership Council meets every Monday with the executive council to discuss upcoming events, plan school functions and brainstorm school improvement ideas. Every Wednesday, the council meets as a whole in the form of an elective, where the 8th grade has the opportunity to listen to powerful community members speak and to gain inspiration as our school’s future leaders.

The hope of Leadership Council is to create a safe space for the 8th grade to flourish as young leaders of the AJA community and the greater Atlanta area. With the support of the AJA administration and mentoring faculty, the Leadership Council has achieved tremendous success. Previous members of council have gone on to be active members of the upper school’s student council and empowered community activists.